Who We Are 


The name  "Chloesopensocket" refers to the  quirkly and often say whatever is on your mind character "Chloe O'brien"  from the popular, and now defunct series,  "24". Chloe was some sort of communications tech, and folks always seemed to be asking her to "open up a socket" for them. Hence, the name. People are always looking sideways at me the first time they hear the name.  Minds degrade, and automatically think of a sexual act they may have missed in the  Kama Sutra​​.

          Anyway, not having a band at the time, nor wanting one, I bought a Roland VS-2436, and started writing songs.

          Being a follower of politics and current events, most of the song material was related to these two topics. And, those of you who follow politics would agree, I hope, that in modern times, the pool we have to pick from for candidates is woefully shallow. So instead of walking around all pissed off about it all the time, I put my frustration with the system into song.  Not all Chloesopensocket songs are political, but it's hard to get away from it, since politics have now seemed to affect our personal lives on a day to day basis. So, these songs are my protest.  However, regardless of what side of the political isle you come down on, the material is honest, heavy, and aggressive.  What more could you possibly want from your favorite heavy rock band?!!!

          Fast forward to 2008, shortly after re-locating to Tampa, FL , I joined the grueling cover scene playing with a number of different bands,  after joining a band called "Save The Radio",  I met Tony Rook. At the young age of 19, Tony was already an accomplished drummer and performer, having honed his own signature style, melding an driving rock style with a hip-hop flare. This style was just what Chloesopensocket was missing. Tony brought other talents to the table as well as his drumming.  He is an accomplished songwriter, producer, and sketch artist. You can view some of Tony's talents @ Modus Epic.com.

          I hope you enjoy the music of Chloesopensocket, the songs are enlightening, mostly about personal freedom and empowerment. You see, I am an American who believes in the original plan, personal and financial freedom.  Without these two things, we have no liberty, and no power.  In my life I have seen these liberties shrink from their former stature.  Politicians will always try to gain power, but, the really scary thing today , is that many people agree with the ridiculous notion that Capitalism is the problem.  Capitalism is financial freedom! But,  it is not a spectators sport, if you don't participate, we all lose.  And the rest of us pay for your welfare, or unemployment, or health care. The latter is a growing group, encouraged by the Obama  administration. That means the rest of us are shrinking, and paying more in taxes and goods. Empower  yourselves, learn, push back...and listen to Chloesopensocket!



​Michael J Marino is an upstate NY native. His early years were spent on stage with regional bands, Blacksmith and East Wall, supporting nationals like, Badlands, Stu Hamm, David Lee Roth, Chastain, Trixter, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Jackyl . Occasionally still hitting the stage, Marino spends most of his time writing, recording, and producing for Chloesopensocket. He also creates music for commercials and promo videos.

      No one is really sure where Tony Rook is originally from. From an early age, Tony traveled with his family, a group of gypsy like church musicians, traveleing from revival to revival playing music. From as early as ten years old, Tony was playing in front of an audience.

     Today Tony plays with a number of different bands, as well as writing and recording with Chloesopensocket, and Modus Epic.

Michael J Marino

Tony Rook